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Schattenburg Schnitzel


The king size escalope has become a household name for many years.

You just have to try this specialty with its impressive size of about 30 cm in diameter.

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Schlosswirtschaft Schattenburg – Eindrücke
Schlosswirtschaft Schattenburg – Eindrücke
Schlosswirtschaft Schattenburg – Eindrücke
Schlosswirtschaft Schattenburg – Eindrücke
Schlosswirtschaft Schattenburg – Eindrücke
Schlosswirtschaft Schattenburg – Eindrücke

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Tuesday – Saturday
11 am – 2 pm
5 pm – 10 pm

11 am – 2 pm (menu)
3 pm – 5 pm (small menu)
5 pm – 10 pm (menu)

Sundays and public holidays until 9 pm


On Easter Monday and Whit Monday our restaurant is open


On Easter Monday and Whit Monday our restaurant is open, therefore we close on the following Tuesday.

We are on holiday from:

  • 24th and 25th December
  • 06th Jan. till 20th Jan. 2020

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The History of the


Schattenburg castle was mentioned in the chronicle by the monks Ortlieb and Berthold in 1138. Muntifurt Castle, mentioned in the first half of the 12th century, may have housed vassals of the Earl of Bregenz, who ruled over the area at the time. At his coming to power (1182) the Earl Hugo I, the grandson of the last Earl of Bregenz Rudolf (1150), repositioned his residence to Feldkirch Castle, important for reasons of power politics and the control of traffic.

For 200 years, the Castle remained the property of the Earls of Montfort. Upon the death of the last of the Montforts, Rudolf IV (1390), the castle and the power that came with it passed to the Habsburgs. The Habsburgs ruled the estate through governors who lived in the Castle until 1773.

Only from 1416 until 1436 was their rule briefly interrupted, when it came into the hands of the Earls of Toggenburg. Duke Friedrich of Austria’s help in the flight of the antipope Johannes XIII turned out to be fatal for him. Not only was he outlawed in the name of the Emperor and excommunicated, he also lost all is possessions, among which Feldkirch. In 1825 the City bought the partially ruined Castle from the state for 833 Guilders. Today Schattenburg is a museum.

Discover and read more about the historical background of the Castle in the Schattenburg museum: www.schattenburg.at

Schattenburg Feldkirch

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Celebrate over the rooftops of the old town


The Schattenburg is an adventure spot for all kinds of festivities, such as weddings, company or family celebrations. Its special ambiance could make your event an outstanding experience, as our motto states “the guest is king”. Enjoy the medieval atmosphere in our special restaurant rooms or dine like a Prince in the great hall.


Rittersaal | Great hall
Size: 250 m², Person: 60-180, Ground Plan (PDF)

Schattenburg – Hubertusstube

Hubertusstube | Hubertus snuggery
Size: 85 m², Person: 15-60, Ground Plan (PDF)

Weinstube | Wine snuggery
Size: 100 m², Person: 20-80, Ground Plan (PDF)



The minigolfcourse belonging to the Castle and the Coffeehouse-Corner in typical “Viennese Style” that is part of it create the perfect conditions for fun, refreshment and enjoyment.

Business hours

Currently undergoing renovation. The reopening is planned for June 2019.

Prices of the Games

360 three sixty € 2,50
Pupils guided by a teacher € 2,50
Youngsters up to 13 years of age € 2,80
Adults € 3,80

Schattenburg – Minigolf
Schattenburg – Minigolf

Enjoy our own


Gmeiner Selection

Gmeiner Selection

Selection of Austrian white wines and red wines in a wooden box. A selection to taste with friends.

Grape: GrüMus, Chardonnay, Cuvée Palace, Cuvée Maximilian, Pinot Noir, Syrah
Year: 2010/2013
Winery: In Vino Veritas, Gols am Berg, Burgenland, Österreich

Anonymos Red Wine

Anonymos RED

Strong aroma of cherries and plums, juicy on the palate, spicy characters. Dark berry fruit in the soft fading palate. Soft tannins.

Grape: Zweigelt
Year: 2013
Winery: In Vino Veritas, Burgenland, Österreich

Anonymos White Wine

Anonymos WHITE

Ripe yellow apple fruit, fine fragrance, fresh, fruity, tasty, great acid-sugar game.

Grape: Grüner Veltliner
Year: 2015
Winery: In Vino Veritas, Niederösterreich, Österreich

Gemeiner – Magnum Muskato

Moscato 1,5l MAGNUM

A wine for special celebrations and holidays, as an aperitif or to accompany all desserts and pastries. Sweet and aromatic on the palate, the low degree of alcoholity gives it a treat lightness, coupled with great elderflower scent, which inspires.

Grape: Muskateller
Year: 2015
Winery: Weiss Taschner, Gols am Berg, Burgenland, Österreich

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